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Integrated registration, seamless communication, dynamic customisation

The challenge

A flexible, personalised and correct registration of guests is central to the success of any event. First impressions count: A user-friendly, attractively designed registration form with a matching website is the first point of contact and thus a central communication tool.

This direct link with the guest manager allows your attendees to book tickets, transfers, hotel rooms and other resources. And to communicate any (special) wishes and needs to you.

But there are still a few more hurdles the professional guest management of the first contact, the invitation, needs to overcome. From the seamless transition to communication, through the integration of master data and updating of programme changes, to error-free payments etc.

The solution

colada.registration will work for you and with you on managing your guest data dynamically. Particular attention is paid to your CI / CD, GDPR, internal and external user-friendliness, existing data sets in multiple languages, your programme planning, reporting and professional accounting.

The functions at a glance:

  1. Seamless integration into existing communication measures, for example: event landing pages, e-mails, printed invitations in your CI / CD
  2. Invitation management
  3. Communication with stakeholders and guests via e-mail and messenger
  4. GDPR-compliant import and integration of guest data and existing master data
  5. Responsive, user-friendly registration form that can be adapted at any time
  6. Integration and communication of programme changes
  7. Control and availability of guest or group-specific offers
  8. Management of dynamic and specific content:
 Dependencies are mapped via rules so that the guest data is complete and registration and data processes remain as simple as possible
  9. Management and adjustment of resources such as room quotas, transfers, breakout sessions, etc: Quotas, departments, groups and categories can be assigned for this purpose
  10. Waiting lists, up-to-date registration figures, quota usage, bookings
  11. Payment and management of payments

Importing guest data is a special focus of colada.guests. Throughout the entire process multilingual content is taken into account, which simplifies e-mail communication. Be it manual or automated. Addressing the target audience with specific and therefore relevant content is another integrated feature. For this purpose colada.guests uses rules and dependencies, for example “if-then-else functions”.

Attendee lists and reports are organised in modern dashboards for better accessibility.

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