Re: automated personal e-mails

Professional communication, customised, ready-made

The challenge

E-mails are central communication channels, especially when they interact with websites. In times of mobile interaction, however, the good old e-mail must now fulfil greater demands than just a few years ago.

Today, e-mails must be perfectly readable on mobile devices and look great in a CI / CD design. They must be securely packaged if they are to reach the recipient’s inbox. Content and appearance draw the reader’s attention. For this purpose, a personalised address and content are key. This is the only way to ensure maximum relevance and measurable success.

The solution

With colada.mails you have access to an e-mail system designed especially for event managers. Second to none of the market-leading products in terms of functionality, this tool is seamlessly integrated into colada365 and its applications.

colada.mails can be used as a single application. However, combined with other colada365 applications, its benefits are most visible. All information in colada365 can be used as content or for personalisation.

Some of the functions at a glance:

  1. CI / CD-compliant e-mail communication for newsletters or invitations
  2. Convenient e-mail design tool for responsive mails
  3. Automated and transaction-based communication
  4. Personalisation through integration of all resources available in colada365
  5. Optimal interaction with colada365 data management for specific segmentation of the target audience
  6. An unlimited number of templates that can be provided for select user groups such as markets or teams
  7. Analysis and evaluation of KPIs per mailing, per campaign and / or per event
  8. Mailing via the client web server to ensure that the recipients are reached

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