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The challenge

Nowadays, websites are an everyday communication tool. Anyone who wants to learn or find out about a topic can google it – from newsletter tools to registration services.

Hence, the mobile landing page is of key importance for the communication mix in event marketing. The event site is the lynchpin, serving as an information hub for all other channels.

This means that websites play a central role in the marketing process, not only because of their relevance in terms of content. The site must be easy to update and barrier-free, conforming to compliance and security rules. In addition, personal data often needs to be available on log-in to ensure that the dialogue with guests can be optimally maintained. A simple WordPress page and general interfaces are soon no longer up to the task.

What you need is a solution that has been developed with a focus on marketing campaigns, one-off or regular events. A platform that not only programmers or designers can use efficiently but that also visualises complex workflows and processes concisely on a website – colada365 offers you exactly this user-friendliness.

The solution

colada.pages provides you with a dedicated and fully integrated content management system with back and front end within colada365. Its great advantage is that it can interact seamlessly with all colada functions, where desired.

colada.pages works via specifically created interfaces. Your event information should look just as perfect as your corporate or campaign website. The priority is on putting the relevant information where the guest wants to find it.

Some of the functions at a glance:

  1. Full personalisation: CI / CD-compliant presentation of virtually all content
  2. Content maintenance via a simple interface
  3. Integration of your domain
  4. Your fonts and styles
  5. Content, gallery and document pages
  6. Presentation of personalised content from guest management
  7. Show attendees only what you really want them to see and they are interested in: conditional content
  8. Secure access possible
  9. Protect individual pages with a password

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