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Marketing and event management are closely intertwined

The challenge

Planning your marketing activities, especially those involving complex events, is easy with colada.planner – no matter how many attendees. The application enables integrated planning with a sophisticated rights and access system as well as smart interfaces.

colada365 wants to help you replace the time honoured Excel sheet. Many marketing departments still often use Excel for planning, implementation and accounting. In most cases, they also pack on other tools, since Excel is not an event planning tool. This makes multi-layered project management less efficient, transparent and geared to innovation and digitisation.

As a remedy, you should opt for a well-structured platform that works almost like Excel but that offers all the possibilities of modern tools. To this end, the solution must offer a flexible licence, as long-running contracts are unattractive and outdated.

The solution

Activity planning in marketing is multi-faceted, like almost any detailed planning. colada.planner supports you in your integrated and target-oriented approach.

Different tasks are seamlessly merged in a single application, the colada.planner. With the matching interfaces for other colada apps, the tool helps you edit checklists, budgets, documents, “to do” lists, and descriptions in one place, accessibly, concisely and in cooperation with others. In addition, an integrated chat enables important communication right where the work is being done.

Hence, the colada.planner makes dynamic teamwork possible, since all team members can work on the project simultaneously without getting in each other’s way or, even worse, without mixing up different versions.
For agencies, the colada.planner offers a time tracking option.

The colada.planner functions at a glance:

  1. Project management: based on a detailed rights and access system for all staff members
  2. Project planning: structured according to the colada “all-in-one” principle, integrated and with smart links
  3. Project description: documentation and project history are integrated clearly and concisely
  4. Project structure: Files, documents, tasks and chat are created for each management step, so all your information is in the right place
  5. Project controlling: Target and actual data are recorded, documented and continuously evaluated in the system
  6. Project collaboration: Live collaboration on the same project without duplicate or overwritten versions

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