Where is my table, please?

From the seating plan, through place cards, to inevitable last-minute changes

The challenge

Large, table-filling seating plans, Excel spreadsheets, lots and lots of colourful post-its, long meetings, important decisions – planning seating arrangements is a job that requires foresight, political sensitivity and flexibility. Not only in the run-up to the event, but also on-site until the last minute.

A lot of money, time and patience goes into organising a gala evening, if you want each internal and external guest to have a perfect evening with fine food according to his or her wishes, with interesting and relevant conversation partners – in short: to sit at the right table with the right people.

In order to achieve this, all decision-makers should be able to see the current seating plan, table layout and available seats in advance. More than that: It must be possible to work with all stakeholders, jointly and ideally at the same time, on the plan, table layout and seating arrangements. For efficiency reasons, key account managers should seat their guests themselves, and all changes should be visible to the extended planning team at all times.

On site, the latest data must be available to the ushers at all times, even if the table lists and place cards have already been printed. Guest managers can seat attendees at their discretion and make changes until the end. These changes must then be communicated to all stakeholders in a straightforward and transparent manner.

Empty seats due to no-shows should be avoided. Guests who arrive late need to be seated at a suitable table discreetly and unobtrusively. For some events even a free choice of seats is desired and needs to be possible. Hence, it is necessary to view the current table plans online so that, among other things, catering is up to date.

The solution

colada.seating offers you a complete seating workflow. You can create the seating and table plans based on registered and invited attendees. This list is always available in the latest version, as is the data for allocating seats.

Thanks to drag-and-drop, assigning and changing areas, tables and seats is a quick and convenient affair. The latest planning status can be made available to all stakeholders, such as event managers, brokers, guest managers, external service providers or even guests.

On site, the guest list with the current table and seating plan is available online and can be changed at any time. Guests who come late or no-shows can be entered live. colada.seating shows the occupancy status for each individual seat. Hence catering is always up to date and receives important live information on what dishes to serve to whom.

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