Hospitality smartly managed

Make your resources available to the right people at exactly the right time

The challenge

Sponsoring is a costly but very effective tool for brand positioning both in marketing and sales in general. It is therefore advisable to make full use of sponsored ticket quotas to underline your commitment.

The next culture or decentralised sports event is just around the corner, and it is your task to plan the incentive for and with your colleagues? Who is to be invited, how important is the guest? Will he or she get a fully hosted programme or just a personalised ticket? Which colleagues are allowed to invite how many guests? Moreover: How many tickets, hotel rooms, transfers, etc. are required or currently not required?

The challenge is not only to make the guest happy in order to boost sales – but also to take account of the safety and hygiene regulations of the event. Internally, the needs of business units, departments and staff must be taken into account. In addition, the task involves a large budget and detailed accounting modalities.

The solution

To make the most of your sponsoring commitment, colada.ticketing ensures that tickets are only available for the areas defined by you. This enables you to avoid empty seats and make staff, customers and guests happy.

In order to provide you with the best possible insight, you can use colada.ticketing for the following definitions, among others:

  1. Requirements: Plan ticket categories and hospitality offerings or programmes according to specific needs and objectives. Always keep track of already booked or still available tickets
  2. Reporting: Adjust requirements based on the latest figures
  3. Distribution key: a simple breakdown of tickets by available types across all levels in your company.
  4. Data format: GDPR-compliant processing of guest data in the desired format
  5. Ticket personalisation: Assign mandatory information to the tickets, such as seat, hospitality programme, etc. and register the guest
  6. Programme planning: travel, overnight stays, accompanying events, route to the stadium, in front of the stadium, in the stadium, after the match, return journey including all transfers – manage your attendees during the entire period
  7. Billing: efficient on the basis of booked and ordered tickets, hospitality modules or special services that have been added at the guest’s request
  8. Communication: with all internal and external stakeholders, by e-mail or messenger, in your CI / CD via colada365 – but using your own e-mail server

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