100 per cent accessible, centrally coordinated, dynamic and transparent

The challenge

The traditional approach to storyboarding storyboarding mostly involves compiling various offline documents. They are often static, which makes editing a laborious task. A contradiction in terms, because a dynamic, transparent and fine-tuned storyboard is the foundation of a successful event.

This linear storyboarding process revolves around the core team’s communications by e-mail and / or printouts up to the event. During the event, last changes are then communicated verbally and implemented. However, they are not recorded anywhere and hence not accessible to all stakeholders on site.

This results in various disadvantages, risks and ultimately extra work:

  • Close cooperation within the team and with third parties is virtually impossible
  • The manual workload, from creating to distributing the versions, is high
  • It is hardly possible to share the logic or rules in Excel or Word, which leads to mistakes
  • Storyboards on paper cannot be dynamically optimised, because printouts cannot be synchronised
  • Consequently, not much know-how is transferred to the next event

The solution

colada.scripts is the first digital tool that fully and seamlessly integrates the entire storyboarding process. The easy-to-use application allows you to create storyboards together with your colleagues and stakeholders. Both for in-person and online events.

colada.scripts is designed in such a way that the storyboard is available live and in parallel during the event. It can be customised for all or just one area, depending on access rights. Working with different documents is no longer necessary, so you can also put the tiresome topic of versioning on the shelf.

This is how colada.scripts makes it easier for you to plan your event:

  • You create the storyboard online in your browser
  • The user-friendly design makes colada.scripts easy to use, enabling multiple team members to work simultaneously.
  • The details for each activity are created and edited in the convenient text editor. Images or sketches can also be added
  • Each activity can be moved by drag and drop, the scheduled times are updated automatically
  • Every change is logged

colada.scripts thus helps you work together very efficiently: All stakeholders, services and tasks can be integrated into the storyboard. Be it lighting, sound, catering or the speakers, all players can and should add personal or – depending on access rights – official notes in colada.scripts.

During the event, your 360-degree storyboard can go live with the colada.scripts player. It shows all stakeholders the storyboard status down to the last second.

Particularly for virtual events colada.scripts with the integrated colada.scripts player is a very handy tool. To enable the event manager to optimally manage and support presenters and speakers who are only present virtually, the colada.scripts player is set up for all stakeholders. Speakers can activate their player in parallel with the presentations. Hence, the speakers know where their presentation is located in the overall context of the virtual conference, how much time is left until the session and whether there will be any time changes or other adjustments.