Case study: BERNINA AG

A tailor-made tuition portal

colada365 is the perfect fit for BERNINA sewing machines
The seamless integration of registration and tuition processes in its tuition management is right at the top of BERNINA International AG’s wish list. The Swiss sewing machine manufacturer has relied on tailor-made colada365. solutions since 2019. The tuition portal has received a modern, functional makeover. It adapts dynamically to each situation.


Sewing classes are an important part of BERNINA’s product and service strategy. The company is constantly adding to its classes offered by the tuition centre at its HQ in Steckborn. For this purpose, the centre has been transformed into a “sewing experience centre”. This makes the management of (potential) customers and visitors more demanding.

BERNINA asked the to digitalise its management processes and make them more professional. It wanted them to create adequate class descriptions, communication, registration, participation and follow-up services including invoicing.

In addition, participants, who come to Steckborn from all over the world, were to receive a perfectly customised application.


Once the design for the new portal had been finalised with the, the four-step plan was to give participants the most easy and functional access to the world of BERNINA sewing machines.

Focus 1: Course selection

  • The workshop plan can display the courses in several modes: as tiles, lists and in a calendar. All of these can be searched and filtered so that participants can swiftly find the course they are looking for.
  • Each of the tiles shows a course description, plus availability / capacity based on a traffic light system.

The colada.portfolio system of event or course presentation is particularly suitable for displaying a large number of sessions

Focus 2: Landing page

  • Course details are presented clearly and concisely on one page.
  • An integrated container in the right-hand column is available for downloads, the login button etc.

Landing pages within colada365 are used whenever more detailed information is available, for example about your event. Presentation and content can be freely adapted.

Focus 3: Registering for a course

  • The BERNINA tuition portal uses the standard colada365 registration form.
  • The fields and resources are adapted both to BERNINA’s data requirements and its CI and CD. Resources include: course and material costs.

Focus 4: Communication

  • The BERNINA team has chosen traditional e-mail to confirm participation. This is generated with all communication elements directly by colada365.
  • As a special feature, the registration and confirmation process includes a self-print parking pass. Participants who travel to the venue by car have direct access to the company’s own car park.

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