Case study: Bühler AG

Two occasions, one event

Bühler Networking Days, supported and realised by colada365
In the summer of 2019, the Swiss company Bühler AG invited employees and customers to a seven-day international event. 1,360 guests registered and booked 700 overnight stays using colada. Goals of the event: Staff motivation and customer loyalty.

“Inspire our People” was the motto of the one-week event hosted by Bühler AG, an engineering company in the food and mobility sectors. Founded in 1860, the company is headquartered in Uzwil near St. Gallen and has a presence in 140 countries worldwide.


For the efficient planning and implementation of the event, Bühler’s marketing team contacted colada directly with the following briefing:

  • Registration of attendees in various categories, including
    • “Staff IOP”,
    • “Staff complete event”,
    • “Customer/guest”,
    • “Press/media”;
  • Communication by e-mail, in CI / CD, English;
  • Registered attendees should be able to change and add details to their registration, including travel information. In case of adjustments, a mail is automatically sent to the responsible corporate event manager:
  • Focus on hotel and room management: blocking, booking, quota management;
  • Internal billing of hotel rooms with the respective branch;
  • Badge management and ticketing;
  • On site: help desk, scanning stations, welcome screens.


The offered Bühler AG solutions for the required areas – and was awarded the contract to support the marketing team. In close alignment, the registration processes were created in colada.registration. Staff members and customers received a QR code invitation with a link taking them to their personal registration page.

There they had different options and obligations, depending on category: select hotels and rooms, enter travel data or arrange payment by credit card. After entering the mandatory data, guests and event managers received an automatic PDF confirmation with the booked services and, if applicable, the payment receipt.

The colada hotel module, colada.guests, was configured accordingly: A total of 15 hotels between Winterthur and St. Gallen with six different room categories were available, but not all of them for every attendee category. The specific rates for each individual room in the individual periods were stored in the system, serving as a basis for the automatic calculation of the final price.

colada.payments was configured to ensure a reliable payment process. The event manager selected credit card payment via colada from the various options available. This meant that the team also handled refunds due to cancellations or rebookings. Right after the event, provided Bühler AG with a complete overview of the transactions.

Already during the event, the organising team had access to attendee and hotel lists. With predefined selection criteria, each selection was saved by colada.guests and could be applied with a single click.

Special attention was paid to communication with the invited guests and staff members. According to the briefing, the dialogue was sent by e-mail directly from colada.mailing, to all guests – or pre-selected categories: Confirmation, registration reminder, where applicable, cancellation, booking reminder, final information or refunds.

Based on the close cooperation in the run-up to the event, set-up in the event venue went smoothly. On the day before the event, the team set up two helpdesk and service stations in the reception area, including printers. Six scanning stations with welcome screens ensured a friendly reception and swift admission.

Guests already found their welcome notes with badges and information about the event on entering their hotel rooms. Those without a badge received a replacement at the reception. Bühler and colada.service staff at the helpdesk took care of any short-term changes required by guests swiftly and effortlessly.

Of course, the guests were also scanned at each exit to monitor the number of people at the venue.

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