Dialogue with all stakeholders

The 360-degree communication mix for your event – secure, integrated, systematic.

The challenge

Managing the communication mix is a core task of the colada.service team. Its focus is on the dialogue with all stakeholders, both internal and external. E-mailing – personalised, automated and therefore practical – is only one of the elements of the communication mix. The colada365 marketing operating system boasts various functions that make communication secure, dynamic and transparent and support the colada.service team in its work for you.

Communication – i.e. transmitting information or messages – is what (event) marketing is all about. Communication as a task needs to be defined in more detail. Also for a better understanding of the added value of

Campaigns or activities such as events are not just about content and creative messages but also about adequately disseminating the content you have created. E-mail, website and other channels reach the target audience exactly where they are most likely to look for information. For this to happen, the technical implementation of your communication must be perfect.

This is the only way that a personal dialogue can work with different stakeholder groups, in multiple languages, across attendee categories and product groups, etc. Especially if your target audience is to receive the information intended for them at defined intervals. This is followed by automated replies, reminders and, if possible, personalised campaign pages.

A well-considered, relevant and timely communication of your event information and messages is crucial for the satisfaction of your guests and stakeholders. In addition, your 360-degree communication should be reviewed constantly and adjusted dynamically. This is not a one-way street but a two-way dialogue. Keeping on top of everything is hard work but crucial. These are tasks that can be a real challenge, especially for less experienced marketing professionals.

The solution

colada365 sees itself not only as a platform, but also as a marketing operating system and even more: a network of qualified professionals who, as an extended workbench, actively support colada users and marketing planners. Not in the sense of an agency, but as temporary colleagues who help you get the job done.

In the field of communication, the colada.service team implements the specified design for responsive e-mails and creates websites for events and campaigns, among other things. The colada.service team helps wherever implementation is complex or requires special technical expertise or knowledge of data protection rules.

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