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Sensitive data management
By data management we mean the secure handling of your data – and that of your guests. Among other things, we help you define the process, compile the required contents for the registration form and manage attendees comprehensively. Preparing import templates and checking the received data are also part of the service.

The challenge

Handling data plays a major role in the business events industry. Also in view of the legal situation, which is now clear thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the secure handling of customer data is essential.
Data import and export, interfaces with third-party systems, as well as the processing and storage of data must be reliable, secure and yet as easy as possible. Your specific data collection requirements must comply with international laws and regulations.

The solution

Support is part of the colada.service team’s DNA. With our solutions, we not only offer you data protection-compliant handling of your contact and attendee data; we also provide you with the necessary flexibility to manage your data in a way that suits your usual workflows.

Databases that make it possible to structure each data set as required, are the foundation of secure processing. The graph database controls access rights and user privileges in a wide range of contexts. A field management system and guided imports and exports assist you in your daily work. In addition, you can always find exactly the data you need at any time, from any location, thanks to a simple list design with sorting, search and filter functions.

Exciting possibilities for managing your data are also offered by selection with fixed allocations, but also dynamic criteria, in a virtually unlimited number of combinations. Contact data for several companies or associations can now be handled without having to duplicate data for this purpose.

For example, your guest data is automatically linked with the corresponding contact details and company information. This also ensures that guest data are removed after the successful end of your event. Nevertheless, you will always know which of your contacts participated when, where and in what event.

In addition, your contact can view his master data himself at any time by means of protected access.

Data management services and options at a glance:

  • Import of guest data as the basis of your personalised invitation mailed directly from the system. If no import is possible the registration link can also be sent openly
  • Enriching data by a personal ID / PIN to ensure personalised and secure access
  • Data can be exported at any time
  • Any activity in the database is historised and hence meets compliance requirements
  • Imports can also be historised by selection
  • Data management for contact details and address data of event guests is centrally managed and secured

colada365 can be used either as a temporary or permanent database solution. It is based on a jointly defined structure for your contact and attendee data. The team will develop an  import template with you and identify the relevant data. Together you will clarify which fields are required for import and later use.

Advantages of colada365 as a permanent solution:

  • The basic data of resources, service providers, locations and any other stakeholders are centrally available anywhere and at any time
  • Fields and lists can be individually created at any time for further use within colada365
  • Data can be imported via MS Excel. It is as easy as simply mapping the import tables into the colada365 fields.

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