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Competent, experienced and always 100 per cent motivated

The challenge

Planning and realising an event not only requires a lot of hard work but also a lot of attention to constantly changing details. Today, it doesn’t matter whether the event is virtual or live – it is important to develop relevant content and wrap it in an interesting and emotional package. Once this has been done, implementing the event consists of long ‘to-do’ lists, deadlines and costs for production and logistics.

As a “jack of all trades”, the event manager must be in control of event planning in all its complexity at all times. Among other things, the team deals with budgets, logistics, guest management, communication and marketing or data management. Complex areas that are designed under time pressure and are finally judged by internal and external guests.

Planners in companies, agencies and associations often work in small, highly specialised teams without great buffers for their resources. To cushion peak workloads, freelancers or interns are often engaged – or expensive agencies, which often see themselves more as creative partners than as support for the core tasks of event management.

The solution

Your colada.event office. The team is available to you and your team as an extended workbench – temporarily or permanently, in all specialist areas. Our event professionals are deployed exactly where you need them to work through your “to do” list according to your wishes.

The colada event office not only boasts an established team of event professionals who will help you realise your event, regardless of size, virtual or live – our staff also have a detailed knowledge of all colada applications and tools.

The colada.service team helps you create communication modules, such as e-mails or event websites, for example. In addition, the team will set up registration pages or design complex hotel management or payment processes clearly and concisely.

Last but not least: Both in person at the venue or virtually in the back office, the colada.service team will be your pillar of strength, especially when things get hectic and stressful – before, during and after your event, as well as offline and online.

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