Professional guest management

Your guests are king, and that is how we treat them
The event professional prioritises guest management. If everything comes from a single source – from the first e-mail through the personalised invitation to online registration and the souvenir ticket; you will already make a great first impression.

The challenge

Guest management is one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks within event planning. Once it has been decided which guests are to be invited, it’s all about designing 360-degree communication, the right timing and swift handling of registrations. Requests for changes require a dynamic response, as do cancellations and subsequent payment processes.

Ideally, each individual guest can see at any time which tickets, what programme, which hotel and what transfers are intended for him or her. In addition, individual wishes and requirements need to be met. All this data must also be stored or deleted pursuant to GDPR and compliance rules – after your successful event with fully satisfied guests, of course.

The solution

You can leave all attendee management tasks to the team: from sending invitations as a first contact, handling registrations to recording late registrations and cancellations – we provide everything from a single source, professionally on all channels, in your CI / CD and according to your schedule.

With colada.guests, you and your team will always be able to keep track of planning.

The result: Every guest is a VIP. Stress and tension vanish into thin air, as your key stakeholders are being looked after by professionals. You no longer need to hire and train temps or interns.

Optimum, personal support for your guests is hence ensured, as is speed and flexibility in responding to requested changes.

Compile your services individually:

  • Guest hotline with flexible opening hours
  • Back and front end website adjustments
  • Creation and mailing of invoices and receipts
  • Payment monitoring and dunning
  • Settlement of credit card payments
  • Preparation of final invoice
  • Reverse transfer of final total in full
  • Reporting and subscriptions
  • Database selections and views

… as well as further services as required and by arrangement..

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