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The challenge

For event managers, brokers and guest managers hotel and room planning plus administration often take a huge amount of time. Especially for events of a longer duration. Managing events with a lot of fully or only partly hosted guests from different countries costs a lot of time and effort.

From researching suitable hotels through conducting individual negotiations, creating and managing contracts – especially the cancellation terms – with the suppliers, up to releasing room quotas as a booking resource – hotel management is a real challenge for the guest management team.

Apart from complex tasks, it also has to meet a wide range of guest requirements with regard to location, time or facilities, plus – as a next step – their requests for changes. A process that ties up many resources and comes with great responsibility and high expectations. If this process goes wrong, it can endanger the success of the event.

The solution

The colada 365 hotel management tool colada365 gives the event team access to the entire hotel management workflow. If desired, you can leave all or some these tasks to the team.

The workflow is based on a location database. Integrated in colada365, the basic data of the selected hotels are created, including the available rooms. In the system they are managed dynamically and with the necessary interfaces. There they can be assigned to projects as bookable resources.

Room quotas are available for broker inquiries and allocation via the event managers through integrated sub-processes of colada365 resource management. Bookings can be made by the broker, the guest manager or even the guests themselves.

The event management team can keep track of the latest figures for all room bookings at any time and in any place, enabling it to adjust quotas or cancel in good time, where required. Brokers, guest managers and even the guests themselves can view, change and cancel existing bookings at any time – regardless of the cancellation process and pre-defined rights.

Stakeholder options

Who What
Location/ project / event managers Managing the location database with a focus on hotel and room management. The database provides the current resources within the planned campaigns, projects, events and registrations.

The location manager can manage the resources at any time via the location database and add new hotels and rooms as needed.

Campaign managers n/a
Project / event managers With the search function, the project manager can identify suitable hotels and assign them to projects at any time based on the stored data. They are available as resources for guest management and the guest registration process.
The event manager can make hotels and or rooms that are released for booking available to the guest managers via the back end, to brokers via the broker portal and/or to guests by means of the registration form.
Guest managers Based on the defined processes for the availability of resources, the guest manager can book or assign hotels and rooms to attendees for the defined period. He can check, adjust and cancel bookings and periods.
Hotels and rooms can also be assigned in advance – before the guest actually registers – or assignment can be completed only after final registration.
The guest manager can send confirmations via colada365 at any time, irrespective of the defined process.
Mediator / broker The resource management concept of colada365 enables brokers, for example group managers, to easily make inquiries for their resource needs, based on the quotas assigned to them.
The group manager, in turn, can manage the quota according to his specifications. Time periods can be defined, attendee categories released or rooms finally assigned, among other things.
Guests / attendees If desired, the attendee can independently access the defined resources. He can choose the hotel and room for his stay himself, can pay, make adjustments or cancel if necessary.
Suppliers / hotels Representatives of the selected hotels can access the data of their guests, depending on the deployed process. This automatically generated guest list can be retrieved and supplemented at any time, for example with room numbers.

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