Online registration made easy

Concise set-up, easy input, fast confirmation
The heart of every service project. Online registration offers you flexible options for incorporating all kinds of variants and contents. You can simply compile your individual modules.

The challenge

Your invitation was successful – and now it is time to register. It is not unusual for a good first impression to become a bit tarnished at this stage. Online registration forms are often confusing, inefficient, and designed without much attention to detail.

This is your opportunity to make a great impression: with an attractive layout and an intuitive query of key data.

Leave it to the colada.service team: We store fields and activities such as attendee categories, hotel quotas or accompanying persons. In this way we ensure a smooth registration process so that the right guests arrive in the right place at the right time.

The solution

Our services not only consist of the perfect technology, you can also rely on our colada.service team.

For a smooth and attractive online registration we offer you the following:

PIN login: personal identification of guests
Languages: multilingual registration forms
Attendee categories: Multiple categories can be set up with ease. Different contents can be created and displayed for each category, for example different fields or queries. Possible categories include guests, staff, speakers, media etc.
Support for accompanying persons: We also serve as a contact for persons who accompany the attendee to the event and hence need to answer event-specific questions such as food choices, participation in activities etc.

Activities: The agenda can include activities for individual days or sessions of the event and can be combined with accompanying programme items. For example, quotas can be allocated and coordinated for these activities.
Travel: questions regarding arrival and departure dates, but also different modes of travel, such as by car, train or plane
Visa: detailed questions regarding visa data

Hotel management: Managing hotels for larger groups is quite a challenge even for experienced event planners. Room quotas in different hotels, on different days with or without double occupancy? No problem!
 We have lots of options for booking hotel rooms for the individual attendees within the colada system.

There we can manage hotel bookings and quotas for you and process lists for forwarding bookings for hotels and their partners.

Waiting list: As soon as the activity quotas are exhausted, you can release a waiting list for booking.

Seating: Our colada.seating tool enables you to allocate seats until the very last second of the event:

  • Dedicated application to seat your guests at the tables
  • When creating a seating plan, all guest data are automatically made available by the registration tool
  • The guest management and seating applications work with the same database and are therefore synchronised at all times
  • Logic checks and help functions assist with seating. Changes and adjustments can be made right up to the last minute.

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