The digital association –

More than administration

Full focus on service and members
Even before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, digitisation was more than just a trend: using digital tools and possibilities to communicate, learn, present, interact and register. And a lot more. The pandemic has acted more or less like a catalyst for the acceptance of augmented reality. So, for associations it is all the more of a challenge to exploit its potential for their – prospective – members.

The challenge

Not to abandon tried and tested solutions but to bring them in line with the trends and challenges of digitisation – this best describes the balancing act facing many association executives. They need to inform, communicate, organise and also interact, no matter where they or their members may be.
Flexibility and dynamics are more important than ever. Secure access to the member database must be possible anywhere and at any time. Meetings become hybrid conferences – in-person goes virtual. Management, administration, acquisition, sponsoring, payment, communication etc.: Going digital with your association requires an overall strategy and an integrated solution, such as colada365.

The solution

Professionally managed associations and their branches need to meet exacting requirements. Their staff are expected to perform various roles and functions, often with modest resources:

  • Setting up a membership administration system and keeping it up to date,
  • Collecting membership fees and managing finances,
  • Communicating dynamically both internally and externally,
  • Planning and implementing general meetings and other events,
  • Promoting collaboration among the members,
  • And last but not least: managing compliance, data protection and security within the association.

Lots of demanding tasks that can hardly be realised economically without digital assistance. In particular data protection, security and compliance rules are so complex and legally binding nowadays that they can hardly be managed without external help.

With colada365 you have a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated platform at your fingertips that radically simplifies your association work, while boosting the quality and efficiency of your everyday tasks.

We would be happy to demonstrate – without any obligation on your part – how colada365 can support you swiftly and easily.

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