Planning events in the bank sector

Balancing act
Event managers at banks often have to strike a balance between open communication and utmost discretion.

Marketing and event management in banks is usually organised as a central service. This is where activities are planned, developed and implemented. Always in close alignment with the respective client advisers of the individual divisions. A perfect flow of information within the company is essential for success, but it can be just as error-prone as challenging for the event manager.

The challenge

Due to legal requirements and compliance regulations as well as the rules of the financial market authority, contacts with clients happen solely through client advisers. Moreover, e.g. in private banking, clients are served by specific advisers or teams, who must, in turn, work separately.
Event planners therefore have no direct access to the client. A personalised approach and specific communication is a great challenge – and one colada365 can help you with.

The solution

Central event management cooperates with client advisers and their clients. A solution that enables central planning and implementation. A platform that also incorporates client advisers. This enables them to address their clients and invite them directly to the event.

colada365 provides event managers and client advisers with a platform where the planned marketing activities are easily accessible. Brokers can invite their clients to an event with just a few clicks, the event manager is informed in real time.

Banking IT and the secure handling of client and guest data is a major challenge. A simple registration form and its processing rarely meet these requirements. The colada365 consumer portal can be seamlessly integrated into the IT security concept, as well as into central planning and a decentralised client approach.

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