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VIP to the max

Attention to detail, flexibility and reliability
From the first invitation to the place card – gala events, such as award ceremonies or anniversaries, have their very own rules and budget restraints. Galas in particular always need to be a little bit more perfect when it comes to adaptability and planability, to the last detail and until the final second.

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges when implementing gala events is often that changes have to be made right up to the final second and even during the event. New guests arrive, some cancel at short notice, others want to be seated in their special place or tables need to be removed.

As a former event agency and long-standing service provider for marketing design and implementation in the luxury goods sector, award ceremonies, anniversaries, etc., we know these special challenges very well. The colada365 team knows that a solution can only work perfectly if it covers the entire workflow seamlessly and dynamically from A to Z.

The solution

VIP – very important planning: The tools for the efficient planning and implementation of gala events build on the basic applications of colada365:

colada.guests – communication and guest management
colada.seats – table and seating plans, also on site
colada.assistant – check-in and accreditation on site

The best thing: The applications are coordinated in such a way that changes and improvements can be made right until the end of the event. They all access the same database, which means that all information is always available live, as two examples go to show:

1. Based on registrations a table and seating plan is prepared. Guests receive their table number on site at check-in. So, only when the voucher or ticket is scanned at the entrance can the number then be printed on the place card. This allows the planners on site to optimise seating plans right until the final second.

2. Guests who come at short notice can be registered at check in and ushered directly to free seats without further ado. The team, especially planners and catering staff, are informed of changes almost in real time and can make adjustments as required.

These are just a few examples – with our support, you will be perfectly prepared for anything that may happen. The colada365 team will be happy to demonstrate the entire process: Please feel free to contact us – without any obligation on your part.

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