Professional online conferences

Smooth set-up, interactive communication, personal follow-up

The challenge

Digitisation of event management processes, culminating not least in hybrid or virtual meeting formats, has gained momentum with the Covid 19 pandemic. Time and financial budgets, health and climate protection already limit the possibilities for attending in-person events.

The event manager’s job changes with every event, with each political decision, with every economic cycle. People want to meet face-to-face. Hence, it is increasingly a challenge to also provide a valuable virtual experience. Last but not least, choosing the right technology as a foundation for your event is one of the greatest challenges.

The huge variety of potential solutions, the need to distinguish between different formats and define objectives requires technical expertise. This knowledge would require the event manager not just to be a jack of all trades but also an IT expert.

Once the technology is in place, the right format has been found, the relevant content has been created and a storyboard determined, the next task is to manage the participants – who often have little experience with virtual meetings – and provide them with the necessary information. Perhaps even in a hybrid environment – efficiently, personally, and smoothly.

The solution

colada365 also offers support with event and attendee management thanks to web conferencing or web cast solutions. The storyboard, content and communication for your event are prepared and managed centrally in the system. As a result, each attendee receives exactly the information he or she needs.

If desired, the team will help you prepare and realise your virtual or hybrid event. This will give you more time and confidence, enabling you to prepare your speakers and presenters and devote yourself to the content.

Closely aligned, we will meanwhile ensure that all of your guests can follow your conference comfortably and smoothly.

The totally carefree package at a glance:

  1. Digital event and conference management for hybrid or purely virtual meetings
  2. Seamless integration of web conferencing solutions in colada365
  3. Attendee management for online and offline guests
  4. A dedicated assistant, who looks after your needs and those of your attendees
  5. The at-a-glance storyboard tool colada.scripts, which provides information to speakers and presenters anywhere in real time

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