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Operative focus on laws, rules and regulations
Marketing and event management within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has its very own laws, rules and regulations. The following speaker management example shows how colada365 efficiently digitalises marketing and communication with health care professionals (HCP).

The challenge

Functioning standard solutions for planners and organisers in the health care sector are few and far between. The set-up around individual, company-specific rules, plus national and international compliance requirements is complex – and therefore often too expensive for many producers.

The solution

colada365 is one of the standard solutions that can be quickly and easily adapted to specific requirements, regulations and interfaces of your company – whatever its size.

This is made possible by the colada stakeholder system. It ensures that all stakeholders can seamlessly work together on processes and value creation.

How the system works

Our Health-Care-Professionals (HCP-) Management is a good example:

  1. HCP database: Contacts with HCPs – health care professionals – are crucial for any company in this sector. On the one hand they are the buyers of your products, on the other they are also multipliers or partners.
  2. HCP qualification: The strategic handling of HCP influencers is one of the key success factors and thus a strategic asset for the entire company. Details of prioritised HCP contacts should therefore – optimally – be available internally at various interfaces for different purposes.
  3. End-to-end security: Availability must never compromise the security of confidential data. After all, these are personal details, which may also be enriched with health data or research findings.

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