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Personal support, guaranteed quality, instant access to schedules
colada365 supports press and marketing managers with various applications and functions that make press relations as efficient as possible. You can leave the following tasks to colada365: central administration of journalist data including segmentation, creation of a modern self-service portal for journalists, preparation and mailing of press releases in an adequate format. And of course, reporting and success monitoring.

The challenge

Product launches and tests, annual balls or congresses, company anniversaries – there are many occasions to intensify your ongoing cooperation with multipliers and influencers. Media releases or invitations need to be created, worded and mailed. Acceptances and cancellations sorted, profiles updated and individual programmes designed.

Providing personal support to each multiplier means lots of attention to detail and good coordination: from travel, through the hotel, a suitable briefing, relevant research and discussion opportunities on site, to scheduling appointments and meeting individual needs – the tasks are complex, interface-driven and require great precision. Lots of challenges and little time.

The solution

With its applications, functions and integrated interfaces, colada365 helps you master the challenges involved in media management. A self-service portal for your media representatives plays a key role in this context. Thanks to colada this portal is set up swiftly and easily for you, giving multipliers an ideal working environment from the start.
Every journalist or influencer has his or her own personalised log-in, which complies with the latest security, data protection and compliance standards, such as GDPR or TISAX. Its technology is based on the colada365 consumer portal and the underlying consumer ID. Hence, it is seamlessly integrated into all other colada365 applications and functions, as in these cases:


  • Central administration of journalist data including segmentation and prioritisation,
  • Creation of media releases in a suitable format,
  • Mailing of media information, and
  • Reporting as well as success monitoring

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