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Sports and culture events: central management, decentralised communication
Sponsoring events, combined with hospitality programmes, are the pinnacle of live communication. Coordinating resources such as tickets, hotel rooms, transfers, airline tickets etc. in selection and booking processes is essential. Sports and culture investments are to pay into company goals – in most cases directly. colada365 helps you achieve goals and set up an efficient ticket management for events.

The challenge

These resources frequently have to be made available to specific persons and user groups within an organisation such as market representatives, country organisations, etc.
And, finally, the guests, including accompanying persons, or groups of guests require on-site support for several (match) days: Mr. and Mrs. Smith need to get the right transfers, land in the right hotel and find their seats at the stadium. And of course: be warmly welcomed and feel individually looked after.

The solution

Central planning, decentralised application: the colada365 sponsoring platform.

Since 2011, colada has been strongly associated with sports, sponsoring and ticketing in the corporate world. Hospitality and sponsoring management is hence part of the DNA of our application framework and meets these special requirements.

The colada365 solution is based on:

the stakeholder principle The stakeholder system enables a perfect cooperation between central planning and the organisational units that procure and provide tickets for your clients. This virtually makes quota requests, allocation and finally booking child’s play for all stakeholders.
the organisational structure IIndividual organisational structures are created and managed hierarchically. On this basis, all stakeholders can directly access their assigned resources, such as tickets, hotel quotas, etc.
the allocation of resources Managing funds becomes child’s play thanks to easy handling. Even in large organisations, all kinds of resources can be managed in spreadsheets and access to them can be controlled.
the guest portal Your guests can access their data and information directly on a fully personalised portal – be it with mobile or desktop devices. All event data is secured at a central location in compliance with GDPR and available at all times.

From small, regional events to an international European Cup, every hospitality and sponsorship challenge can be handled individually – with a small, efficient team – thanks to colada365.

Smart Ticketing ≠ Ticketing

Spending on sports and culture tickets is an investment in your clients and human resources. Make the most of your investments. We would be happy to demonstrate some live application examples – without any obligations on your part, of course – to show you what colada365 can do for you. Just contact us anytime!

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