Exhibition booth, catering, dates, leads –

Efficient trade fair management

Integrated presence, transparent handling
Of all event formats, trade fairs boast the greatest diversity. The aim is to bring together the various tools, multi-level planning and a wide variety of stakeholders.

The challenge

To digitise planning and implementation of a multi-day trade fair, if possible on a single platform. Designing communication, booths and hospitality, including hostesses and catering, schedules and shift plans, sending personal invitations to qualified visitors, managing registrations and scheduling appointments, booking hotel rooms, planning evening events, registering at the booth, evaluating, billing, reporting, and transparent handling, etc. – the list could virtually go on forever, constantly ramping up stress levels.

The solution

The tasks are multi-faceted, challenging and interesting. But they all have one thing in common: They are mostly dependent on one another. To handle them, you need to serve many interfaces. Quite often separate programs are used for planning: from Excel sheets, through Apple Mail, to billing in the ERP system.

colada365 unites all areas of planning in a single platform. All processes are seamlessly integrated into the colada365 applications. Lightening your workload as an organiser: giving you instant access to everything with integrated automation saving time and money. Offering you professional communication from a single source. Enabling you to process lead data securely – just to name a few examples.

colada365 can be set up for a one-off in-house exhibition – but the colada team demonstrates its full potential when it comes to preparing and staging a large number of trade shows in different locations.

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