Media Portal:
The journalists home!
Single source for all your media related content,
contacts and activities. Home base of all journalist
One login - all possiblities
The professional access to your media activities has a new name: colada.
Make your newsroom become a community that help you leverage your investment in your marketing and communication. All it takes is to onboard.
Basic profile can be extended according client requirements.
User has full control over profile information according GDPR definition and regulation.
Additional personal information can be added in the back-office.

Your (sharp) profile
All features can be accessible based on profile information.
Both, defined by the user or the manager in the backend.
You define access rights on every level. Communication can be tailored according the user’s requirements. Content can be subscribed – on general level or based on certain activities.
Personalized Experience
Manage the personal data of your contacts centrally, coordinated and determine the access to it compliant to your organizational structure the functional needs.
One source of truth about your journalist and guest
Consolidated data management
Create compelling Press-Releases and news directly within colada.
Release (publish) the release on the newsboard and market them with direct and social links.
Use the seamless integrated E-Mail-designer and -engine to send out the news to your community.
E-Mail Newsletter
100% in YOUR corporate design .
Design is fully configurable to your company needs!
The new Home-Page for your media.
Corporate design
Need an extra booster for setting up and deploying your event?
Get going with our service-team of event-professionals the help you along the way according your individual needs.
Media Services
Measure the impact of your media outlets by measuring how the traffic and the usage of the media portal.
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