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OnSite Services
With colada.guests you can plan any type of event with ease, while collaborating with your colleagues. Literally all on the same page
Manage your hotel allotments
A simple and powerful guest-list is the core of every event. See everything you need at a glance, like status, allotments, participant-group etc.
Filter and sort with ease. Stay on top of all relevant event information.
Documents, presentation, sound files, checklists are now where you need them: Directly in the director’s schedule.
The circumstantial search in folders and directories is a thing of the past.
Book or assign
Manual calculation of start and end times is a thing of the past. colada.scripts recalculates all cues directly after input. This saves a lot of time and exhausting manual work. And if a time is fixed, then you can also block the calculation.
Use our experience and knowledge
colada.scripts saves the history of edits. In the history you can see – always accessible to every user – which user made which change at what time.
Integrate with colada.sessions to create stunning event-websites.
Seamless integration gives you the best from both worlds: Creative design and waterproof registration
Just add a logo, color and fonts or create a fully customized design to your event-registration. You can have it all!
Forms and fields can be created according your needs - without compromises.
Add rules and bookable resources on the go and create a flawless journey for your guests.
Efficient ressources
Need an extra booster for setting up and deploying your event?
Get going with our service-team of event-professionals the help you along the way according your individual needs.
Arbeiten mit colada
Ein gutes Produkt und Kundentreue ist uns wichtig.
Seit 1998 steht colada für Applikationen im Event- und Marketingsektor.
Service & Support
Unser Service ist persönlich, zuverlässig und (je nach SLA) rund um die Uhr verfügbar.
Auf Wunsch können wir Serverhosting in Deutschland garantieren.
Dann los!

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