Planning, networking and
colada.campaigns is the key to real collaboration, efficiency and transparency in your marketing. The must-have solution for every professional marketing organization.
One place for all marketing activities
If you miss a place where you can centrally manage all your marketing activities, you must try colada.
It will quickly become the most important tool for you and your colleagues.
Involve all internal and external stakeholders with a process-driven system.
Replace email "ping-pong" with a powerful information network that covers every single detail of your marketing activities in one place.
Involves all stakeholders
External stakeholders (i.e. requesters) can be fully involved in marketing planning and execution with their own personal portal called "Lobby".
Requests and approvals for any resources or activities are channeled through this portal, putting an end to redundant communication.
Make decisions be relevant and accessible
Create stunning dashboards for your team to get the most important information in the blink of an eye.
Combine it with the notification center to never miss an important deadline or decision.
Marketing cockpit
colada combines your daily activities with your strategic planning in one single application.
No need to juggle between different services and tools - just unleash the power of your marketing.
Tasks, activities, budget
Budget management for departments, regions and teams can be fully automated in colada.
Budgets can be allocated and controlled with the company structure that you define in the application settings according your own organization.
Enterprise budget controlling
Create budgets in a smart online spreadsheet - just like you know from Excel - only smarter.
In combination with the versioning system and the seamless integration of digital signatures, your project budgeting is taken to on another level!
Perfect planning
In colada we have combined traditional task management with Kanban boards and predefined checklist.
This makes your task management way more effective than in traditional tasks applications.
Task + Checklists
With the integrated chat you add an indispensable tool to your marketing pages.
Chat can be placed anywhere and requests are managend centrally in colada just like in the dedicated chat apps you already know - just seamlessly integrated into your central marketing application
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