Our check-in solutions.
The check-in at the event is always the first impression the guests get of the event. A professional process is the business card of the event.
Perfectly welcome
The first touch of the guests with your event is the check-in.
colada.onsite helps you the crate the perfect welcome for your attendees with a perfectly managed check-in service and all affiliated services.
Ticket? Badge? Self-printing station?
We know ALL possible workflow onsite and can support you and your teams with the according hard- and software equipment.
Any workflow - according your individual need
Import existing guest lists with ease and start to work with colada in no time.
Or even connect your database or CRM with colada.guests for recurring usage.
Import & export
colada rental service can provide any possible check-in hardware, from smartphones, up to fully equipped self service stations.
Moreover we provide the according services and event trained and experiences staff.
Rental and onsite Services
Create stunning tickets, badges and other personalized document in your own design with the slick colada document designer - easy!
Use the documents along the colada workflow from attaching documents to confirmations to using them for check-in or event hospitality-itinerary.
Badges, bages
Get LIVE analytics about the ongoing event at any time and stay in control of your event.
Analytics & reports
Integrate with colada.seats to see in the room-plan which guests already checked in and which seats could possible re-arranges short notice.
A truly unique solution for your event and great support for your planners.
Integration with seats
Check-in solutions for every type and size of event.
Simple smartphone-solutions up to our own self-service terminals in your event-design - we got it all.
Smartphone or dedicated check-in station
Would you like to set up a self-service accreditation? No problem!
We support a variety of options in order to make this process as smooth as possible.
Self service?
Just add a logo, color and fonts or create a fully customized design to your event-registration.
You can have it all!
Corporate design
Work with colada
We are a leading company in delivering quality and value to our customers.
Our company has been providing the highest quality services for over 22 years.
We provide our clients with the highest quality support.
For 22 years of work of our company, we confidently declare the guarantees of working with us.
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