Knowledge is POWER
With colada.resarch as a new service and colada.surveys as the underlying application, we offer a professional service within colada to systematically gather experience and knowledge from the market, your customers and employees.
Survey definition
It all starts with the definition the whole project - preferably from the end to the beginning: That means starting by defining the desired result of the whole process.
colada can support you by defining and evaluating the appropriate participant of your survey.
With our special databases we're able to search by many possible categories and
Define participants
Gather the results of the survey LIVE in the colada survey analytics.
On top of that our team will support you in interpreting the data and information gathered and help you transform it into knowledge.
Analyze and interprete
Define the survey and its variants with a modern and simple to use application: colada.surveys.
Add all types of questions with custom form-rules and workflows.
Create survey(s)
Don't have an in-house market research team? Our services team does this work for you.
One the phone, in social networks or during trade shows. Our teams are where your target group can be contacted the best.
Work with colada
We are a leading company in delivering quality and value to our customers.
Our company has been providing the highest quality services for over 22 years.
We provide our clients with the highest quality support.
For 22 years of work of our company, we confidently declare the guarantees of working with us.
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