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Event- and Guest-
With colada.guests you can manage full 360° guest logistics. For any type and size of event with ease.
Keep track of your guests
A simple and powerful guest-list is the core of every event. See everything you need at a glance, like status, allotments, participant-group etc.
Filter and sort with ease. Stay on top of all relevant event information.
Professional looking e-mail communication is the ice-breaker of every invitation.
Create your perfectly looking emails for every device format with our modern design tool.
A simple solution for some of the rather complex topics in event management: Hotel- & travel-management.
Find out more about this topic on the dedicated page HERE.
Hotel & travel
Need an extra booster for setting up and deploying your event?
Get going with our service-team of event-professionals. They help you along the way according your individual needs.
Event Services
Import existing guest lists with ease and start to work with colada in no time.
Or even connect your database or CRM with colada.guests for recurring usage.
Import & export
Just add a logo, color and fonts or create a fully customized design to your event registration.
You can have it all!
Corporate design
Create stunning tickets, badges and other personalized document in your own design with the slick colada document designer - easy!
Use the documents along the colada workflow from attaching documents to confirmations to using them for check-in or event hospitality-itinerary.
Badges & docs
Single guests, groups, vouchers, discounts for sponsors? One ore multiple invoices or any other specific payment and invoicing workflow?
With the payment features in colada you can handle all sorts of workflows and lean back.
Find out more about this topic on the dedicated page HERE.
Integrate with colada.sessions to create stunning event websites.
Seamless integration gives you the best from both worlds: Creative design and waterproof registration.
Event Websites
Forms and fields can be created according your needs - without compromises.
Add rules and bookable resources on the go and create a flawless journey for your guests.
Flexible forms
and rules
Combine your resources with the according allotments and make them available to certain participant groups.
Or even use the organization structure features to assign them to departments and teams.
Allotments and participant groups
Check-in solutions for every type and size of event.
From simple smartphone solutions up to our own self service terminals in your event design - we got it all.
Find out more about this topic on the dedicated page HERE
Use participant groups to organize the event-workflow and to assign certain resources and rules to these participant groups.
Find out more about this topic on the "Tour de colada" page.
Participant groups
In order to organize events on enterprise level with departments and countries you need reliable and battle proof functionalities.
In colada.guests you can create org-structures and allocate any resource to this structure.
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