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Custom software
In certain cases a tailor made software is the only solution to solve certain requirements or to fit into pre-defined workflows. colada has a long track record in regards of custom solutions.
Usually we start with the creative part of the process: Envisioning the final solution and the workflows and processes based on the requirements of the stakeholders.
Together with our business analysts we break down the previous work into technical business processes.
At this point we lay an very important foundation as we detail the single features into manageable bits and pieces.
Business process
Once the application is tested and ready to roll out we support our clients also in this phase of the project.
As soon as the application has reached cruising altitude we can hand it over to the client.
As soon as possible we provide a prototype of the application in oder to understand if the UX and the workflow match the envisioned application.
Prototyping is a very important phase of the project and should be considered even if the timely pressure is already very high.
Based on the feedback with the prototype we break down the application features into epics and tasks and set up the team of developers according the timeline and size of the project.
colada not only develops application but also operates them in the required cloud infrastructure.
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For 22 years of work of our company, we confidently declare the guarantees of working with us.
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