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Virtual & Hybrid
Organizing and executing virtual or hybrid events is a new set of features in colada.webinars that allows different workflows and technologies for different audiences and formats.
Webinars in colada can be run in different ways depending on the format and the level of interaction.
One-to-many webinars in a single session or breakouts can be organized.
Presenters can share their video and audio as well as their own screen. But of course also run videos, polls and conduct chats in open or closed groups.
When it comes to larger audiences with less interaction colada can be used as a personalized streaming platform where guests can chat and network.
Just route your studio-production signal trough Vimeo, Youtube or other streaming formats and embed them seamlessly.
When you need a webinar solution that can be highly customized and/or run in certain secure infrastructures BBB could be a good solution.
It comes with all the features of a modern webinar platform and doesn't need any downloads, installations or high bandwidth.
xtendx can be your choice if you need a professional virtual platform that allows also high-level pre- and post-production and mixing features.
Like Teams and BBB xtendx is seamlessly integrated in colada.
Like colada, xtendx is a Swiss based partner.
Fully virtual conferences with different (virtual) rooms and/or mixed formats can easily be done in colada.
Just create your agenda in the cockpit, add speakers and virtual channels and hit the road.
Virtual conferencing
NEW: The virtual meetings can also be configured in such a way that all meetings can be held via Microsoft Teams and thus have access to the full range of functions and the infrastructure of MS Teams.

Result: Low external costs, use of existing resources and well-established security processes.
Microsoft Teams
Allowing the guests to interaction with each other, or only with speakers, or host can be a key requirement for your virtual event.
In colada you can configure all possible workflows and chat options according your needs.
Interaction & chat
Fun or boring event?
With the gamification features you can allow the guests to enjoy the event in a different way. Use polls and quizzes and their live results to keep the discussion alive.
Or allow the guests to search for interesting people among the other guest and network.
Everything you produce in the virtual world can be recorded and used for reviews and further marketing activities.
colada also offers post-production services in order to pimp the videos and make them a real asset for further activities.
Recordings of your webinars and streamings a fantastic source regarding knowledge management for you and your stakeholders.
Manage and present your assets in a professional way directly in colada with the video gallery.
Video gallery
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