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Turn meetings into Experience: colada Event Content application
Event content, speaker, agenda, communication and registration on one platform. In no time, you can turn a normal meeting into an experience for your guests. colada.sessions is the first Meeting-Content-Management-Application on the market and allows planning and performing of meetings like never before.
All you need to run your marketing. Align, execute, distribute and analyze on one platform.
Landing pages
Create, manage, modify, and publish meeting content of any kind. Individual meetings or recurring training sessions. Virtual conference or live event. Plenary session or breakout. Benefit from a seamlessly integrated application and super simple handling. And on request, each participant gets to see his or her own personal agenda.
Adopt your corporate design directly into colada.sessions. Colours, shapes, fonts, logos are freely customizable. According to your wishes and ideas. Either via the integrated modular system or with an own css.
Perfect design
Fun or boring event?
Gamification features let you enable guests to enjoy the event in a different way. Use polls and quizzes and their live results to keep the discussion lively.
Or allow guests to search for interesting people among other guests and network.
Implement your meeting in the optimal format for the topic or the target group. Virtual, live, or even hybrid? Integrate existing online platforms such as BigBlueButton, Teams, or Simplex.
Live, Virtual, Hybrid?
colada.sessions is fully mobile-ready and can be used as your single content hub before, during and after the event.
No more 3rd party event-apps needed.
Before, during and after the event
Participants can register directly for an event or alternatively for individual sessions. Registration forms can be freely designed with a modern editor.
Registration processes and capacities can be set individually.
Participant registration
Create public content AND fully personalized content in one click to create personal agenda and meeting bookings.
Make your event a personal and unique experience for your guests and visitors.
100% personal
Image or document downloads are an important part of many event. With colada.sessions you have all you need to create compelling galleries that on top of that can be password- or profile-protected for different audiences.
Galleries & documents
When it comes to additional communication features then you can use the integrated features for chat and blog to save precious time and resources when staying in contact with your community.
Blog and chat built in
Rooms, Speakers, Files, Dokuments, Guests, Exhibitors, etc. - basically all the content and the resources are managed in one single application.
Create your content and publish in no time.
All the content in one place
Fully integrated email designer and communication features to stay in touch with all the stakeholders of your event.
Also with fully automated emails for confirmations of registrations and bookings.
Email integration
Do you run an exposition in parallel to your event, or do you have partners that you would like to integrate? Then you can use the integrated "Expo"-feature to manage and publish this important content directly in colada.
Integrate your exhibitors and partners
Collecting and managing leads during a trade show is a feature that helps you to make your life easier if it's seamlessly integrated in the rest of the event.
Configure the process according your needs - no matter if you collect leads yourself or want them sign up them themself on the booth.
Trade shows? We got your back!
сolada.sessions can handle single sessions as well as large-scale conferences, fairs, or even roadshows. Content, sessions, lectures, documents, live-streams, etc. are processed centrally and can be published via all possible devices and channels.
One content, unlimited options
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