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community solution
Build a strong and vibrant community around your products and services in order to leverage your marketing activities and bond with your stakeholders. has all it takes to make it happen.
Sign up and go!
It all start with the onboarding process - so make it smooth and trustworthy.
Set it up according your workflow, maybe with e-mail authentication loops?
Once the users and onboarded they can access all the content you prepared for them.
All in your perfect look & feel.
Define the best possible user-profile for your community and make every user an asset.
Give them full control over the profile according the actual GDPR regulations.
Your (sharp) profile
Allow users to network with each other and get in direct contact through the integrated messaging services.
Networking and messaging
Create groups based on special interests, profile information or let the users join predefined groups themselves.
Just give them the best possible options to build a strong and vibrant community.
Once registered, users can enjoy a fully personalized access to your content and also be part of the content by contributing in blogs and forums.
Personalized experience
Add blogs and forums to your overall content.
Moderate content as well as the posts with ease.
Allow logged-in users to post, comment and like your content freely.
Blogs and forums
Seamlessly integrate with all event features in colada to allow users easy access to your events - no matter if LIVE or virtual events.
Community users register with just one click, as everything else comes directly with their profile.
All pages and every content can be fully branded and published in your on corporate design.
colada provides all the needed technical elements or the according service if you don't have the time or resources.
Integrate surveys and polls directly into your community activities and learn about your stakeholders view on your company and services.
To learn more about survey just click here.
Analyze the traffic and the impact of your community in order to get the most out of your investment.
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We provide our clients with the highest quality support.
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