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Event Office
The colada EventOffice is the extension of your own events-team, when ever you don't have the resources or the time to organize the communication and logistics of and event by yourself.
With 20+ years of knowledge in events, we take care of the perfect planning before the event.
We support you with the communication with your potential guests and make sure that the registration process runs smooth.
As the single point of contact for your guests we can handle every request, registration with a professional attitude and make sure that all aspects of the guest-management are covered.
This includes support with payments and hotel bookings.
From the first touch - until they leave the event with a smile.
Guest office
After the event we make sure that the content and the resources that have been created can be shared with the customers.
Post production
We are on site when your guest arrive at the event and our experienced staff .
We make sure, that the communication with your guests reflects the professional presentation of your company.
E-Mail communication, event-website - or event the badge they are wearing at the event: It looks perfect!
Follow up
After the event we support you with surveys and analytics in order to measure the impact and success of your event.
So you build on this experience and use the learnings and feedback for your next activity.
Work with colada
We are a leading company in delivering quality and value to our customers.
Our company has been providing the highest quality services for over 22 years.
We provide our clients with the highest quality support.
For 22 years of work of our company, we confidently declare the guarantees of working with us.
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