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Forget your Post-It
seating planning!
With colada.seats you can plan any type of event with ease, while collaborating with your colleagues. Literally all on the same page.
Seats, seats, seats
Choose from any type of table seating for galas or row seating for theater, or any other seating type according your requirements.
Just drag n' drop from your guestlist. Done!
Plan together, seat rooms and assign guests. Authorized collaborators can now work together in a completely new way. Without time delay and always on the same level.
TEAM work
With the available seat and table shapes, which can be rotated as desired, virtually all room seating arrangements can be represented. This helps with allocation and the guests can easily find their way around on site.
Room design
Publish special versions for help desks and supporters in the room.
Search for people, sectors or tables and zoom to the according place in a blink of an eye.
Combine seating with your colada guest management, import from spreadsheets or connect to other sources. There are countless options.
Guest management
Work with groups of people, teams or companions.
Companions and teams
See at a glance the special information about the guests.
Built-in logics will help you, to be highly productive without making mistakes along the planning and placement process.
Visual control & logics
Work with colada
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