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ONE script for everyone
With colada.scripts, the creation and editing of schedules will be a team effort! ALL planners and crews together simultaneously on a modern, digital platform. Documents and printouts in different versions are a thing of the past.

LIVE collaboration with the whole team
Planning together to create an event. Authors, crews, partners and clients can now collaborate in a completely new way. Without time delay and always up to date.
Documents, presentation, sound files, checklists are now where you need them: Directly in the director’s schedule.
The circumstantial search in folders and directories is a thing of the past.
All in one place and always at hand
Manual calculation of start and end times is a thing of the past. colada.scripts recalculates all cues directly after input. This saves a lot of time and exhausting manual work. And if a time is fixed, then you can also block the calculation.
Automatic calculation of times in cues
Cue content can contain images or other formatting in addition to plain text.
Pictures of speakers, for example, can be displayed directly – then everyone knows at a glance who is supposed to be on stage.
Perfect content:
colada.scripts saves the history of edits. In the history you can see – always accessible to every user – which user made which change at what time.
Changes are traceable!
Columns can be created, renamed and edited as desired, just like in Excel. In colada.scripts, however, these can contain personal information that only the respective user can see…
The same columns can then also be displayed in the player – and can also be configured individually there.
Work with columns like in Excel, just smarter…
The use of colada.scripts allows for largely paperless planning and implementation of event productions. Seamless digitization can avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities caused by the existence of different versions of a production schedule.
No paper, no versions, fewer misunderstandings
With the player, the event can be simulated on any device from the director’s point of view – step by step and synchronously for ALL!
During rehearsals, you can start at any cue. Is the event ahead of schedule or behind schedule? This can also be seen LIVE in the player.
LIVE Player - LIVE Shows
The handling of colada.scripts is very simple and can be
learned in a few minutes even by inexperienced users.
Apart from a current browser, no further installation is required.
Simple handling and modern design
Chat / Discussion
A chat exists for each individual cue. Decisions, questions, comments are transparent, documented and traceable for everyone.
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